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China-US close to climate change deal?

By Mon, Oct 13, 2014 7:31PM UTC Pic: AP.

For many years China and the United States have faced off over climate change. Now, action is one of the few things the two powers can agree on. A new view on the benefits of climate action goes some way to explain this shift.

Great Barrier Reef: Australia chooses development over conservation

By Fri, Oct 10, 2014 11:30AM UTC NASA pic of Great Barrier Reef

Over the past year or so Australian government has taken measures that endanger the survival of the country’s greatest natural wonder and world’s largest coral reef system. In December 2013, Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved a dredging project to expand ports for coal shipment through the Great Barrier Reef. Plans

South Korean town votes no to nuclear plant

By Fri, Oct 10, 2014 10:49AM UTC South Korean town votes no to nuclear plant

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Voters in a South Korean city rejected a nuclear power plant in a referendum that the government says has no legal effect.

Rare Siberian tiger released by Putin strays into China

By Fri, Oct 10, 2014 10:27AM UTC Vladimir Putin rides a horse while traveling in the mountains of the Siberian Tyva region. Pic: AP.

BEIJING (AP) — A rare Siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin has strayed into China and may be in danger.

Asia, biodiversity and urbanization: Perspectives on the Living Planet report

By Tue, Oct 07, 2014 12:00PM UTC Projects like China's Three Gorges Dam threaten river biodiversity. Pic: Michael Gwyther-Jones (Flickr CC)

According to a recent report by the WWF, the Earth has lost more than half of its vertebrate wildlife over 40 years. One week ago, the organization’s Living Planet Report 2014 released the findings that between 1970 and 2010, 52% of the world’s population of birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and

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