College prep presentation at Woodstock School by LASALLE College of the Arts

College prep presentation at Woodstock School by LASALLE College of the Arts

College prep is an important part of the Woodstock experience, because the majority of our graduates end up in universities and colleges across the globe.

Woodstock’s college counsellor Renee Bowling is the first point of contact for students seeking advice about university admissions and college life, and there are frequent visits to Woodstock from institutions around the globe seeking to attract our high calibre students to their particular college.

The Class of 2013 alone has had a total of 80 college and university visit the school, while four college fairs have been tentatively booked for the Fall.

Mrs Bowling explained why these college visits are so important:

  • They provide a sense of the college culture and feel to students who are unable to visit the campus.
  • They offer opportunities for our students to ask questions about majors, campus life, and financial aid.
  • They allow Woodstock to develop relationships with university admission officers.

She added: “The counselling department at Woodstock provides workshops, resources, and individual college counselling to students in Grade 11 and 12 to help prepare them for the range of choices available to them.”

Last week a group from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore came to Woodstock. Their presentation was aimed at encouraging students to pursue arts management, a discipline perhaps not always thought of by students.

They explained that while many students want to be involved in the arts as an upfront performer, there is also a huge need for people to be involved in arts management behind the scenes to enable arts events to take place.

Arts management students at Lasalle are trained in business, communications, marketing, PR and legal issues, to prepare them for roles such as event organisers, theatre managers or art development officers.

They also stressed that the arts market is a growth area with new theatres, museums and art galleries springing up in many Asian countries.

Woodstock’s strong enrichment programme with its focus on drama and music is an excellent tool for college prep, and this particular degree. As well as having opportunities to act and perform regularly, there are also multiple opportunities for students to stage manage and be involved in planning events behind the scenes.