There Are Battles to Fight before Spring Break

Spring break is coming soon. It is our reward for studying hard all semester. But before I can take some time to rest and relax, there are battles to fight: many midterms. I am writing my papers and studying hard this week.  It seems this happens every year before Spring break.

Taking graduate engineering classes at the University of Utah has been one of the most rewarding and difficult things I have ever done. I always feel like “I finally got it” when I solve the homework assignments at 3 a.m. in the morning. The experience is unforgettable. The assignments are always challenging and the nights are always sleepless. I have learned tons of materials in the last six weeks. In next few weeks, I will have to filter all these information for a one-hour midterm. It is a level of understanding that my undergraduate classes never forced me to do, but it has been developed through conceptual thinking and problem solving, not just memorizing formulas and plugging in numbers. The classes at the University of Utah make me work hard and also give me new perspectives on engineering.

Enough whining about course work. Spring break is just around the corner. I will continue to study hard and knock out those midterms so I can enjoy a week of freedom.