The first TEDx held early this month in Phnom Penh proves that bloggers are actively joining online discussions about what’s going on in Cambodia. From personal things to politics, blogging took off in this Southeast Asian nation in the early 2000s, long before those young Cambodians started to embrace Facebook last year.

Blue Lady blog, freelance journalist Kounila Keo was invited to give an overview on “Blogging The New Generation of Cambodia” at TEDxPhnom Penh.

Here’s the 13-minute YouTube video from the conference:

Blogging doesn’t stop here. Yesterday, Cambodia’s English-language newspaper ran this news story: Global voice, native tongue. The writer, Tivea Koam, points out that:

Many cloggers [Cambodian bloggers] seem to have taken advantage of blogging in promoting Khmer language and exercising their freedom of expression. There is also fear threat that that information posted on those blogs cannot be accessed anymore due to the current of censorship and block on some blogs. However, most cloggers hope that government would not continue censorship on their blogs which are not oppositional to the government.