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  • Bizarre Hitler scene sneaks into Thai junta propaganda movie

    By Dec 09, 2014

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    A screenshot from the short film '30' shows students painting a picture of HItler. Image via YouTube.

    A bizarre and brief scene depicting Thai students painting a picture of Adolf Hitler has made its way into a propaganda short film financed by the military government. “30” by director Kulp Kaljaruek is part of the “Thai Niyom” (“Thai Pride”) movie aimed at promoting the “12 core values” drawn up by by junta leader and Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha shortly after the military coup of May 22, 2014.

  • New documentary explores vice and violence in Thailand’s Deep South

    By Dec 09, 2014

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    New documentary explores vice and violence in Thailand’s Deep South

    Bars line the street, on display are neon lights, beer signs and women trying to lure in passing revelers. This scene could be anywhere in Thailand, but this particular red light district in Su-ngai Kolok is on the border with Malaysia in Narathiwat province. Here, soldiers and military vehicles patrol the streets to protect the sex workers and the Malaysian men they cater to from the very real possibility of attacks by Muslim insurgents.

  • Thailand under the influence of social media

    By Dec 08, 2014

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    More and more Thais are turning to social media to express their political views. Pic: AP.

    A decade ago in Thailand people in the street spilling out their political views in public was quite literally unheard of. Thai friends of mine would shush me if ever I mentioned politics in public; and if I should ever bring up the unspeakable, in any context at all it was, most of the time, met with a thorough stonewalling.

  • Yellow makes a comeback in Thailand

    By Dec 04, 2014

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    Thai civil servants in yellow celebrate the King's birthday in 2006. Pic: AP.

    The junta is selling yellow shirts, which it has asked all Thai citizens to wear throughout December to show love, loyalty and respect to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who celebrates his 87th birthday tomorrow. While traditionally a colour associated with the monarchy, in recent years yellow has gained an additional association with the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)/People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and the anti-democratic movement. Does the government taking an active role in promoting yellow mean the end of colour-coded politics and a return to pre-2006 stability?

  • Thailand: Detention of Koh Tao murder suspects extended for 6th time

    By Dec 02, 2014

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    Burmese migrant workers Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun. Pic: AP.

    Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, the two Burmese migrant workers accused of brutally murdering David Miller and Hannah Witheridge on the island of Koh Tao in September, had their detention extended for a sixth time at Ko Samui Court today.

  • Thailand’s police purge: Patronage and pay-outs

    By Dec 01, 2014

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    Thailand’s police purge: Patronage and pay-outs

    Powerful and well-connected people in Thailand are almost never publicly held accountable for acts of deceit, manipulation and corruption. For this reason, the ongoing anomaly of the ‘Police Purge’ has been a recent source of major intrigue.

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