The International Association for Impact Assessment have appointed Dr Riki Therivel from Oxford Brookes University’s Department of Planning as editor of ‘Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal’ (IAIA).

IAIA are a global network committed to providing best practice in impact assessment. IAIA are considered to be one of the key peer-reviewed journals in the field of environmental, social and health assessment.

Dr Therivel teaches Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and helped to establish the MSc course in Environmental Assessment and Management. Her work in SEA includes supporting government bodies in the UK and internationally, in addition to writing many books and articles on SEAs. She has reviewed many environmental reports and written guidance on SEA plans and appraisals. She has also delivered training courses in several countries such as Iran, Austria and New Zealand.

Dr Therivel has long been involved in IAIA and has previously won the International Association for Impact Assessment’s award for Individual Contribution to Impact Assessment in 2003 for her work in SEA, and excellent teaching and research.

Speaking about the appointment, Dr Therivel has said, “I’m delighted and honoured to edit this prestigious journal which represents the International Association for Impact Assessment. The job reflects the ongoing excellent work of the university’s Impacts Assessment Unit. I am grateful to my colleagues at the IAU for their support.”

For more information on Dr Theivel’s work, please visit her staff profile page on the Oxford Brookes University website.