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Students hike the through the snowy winter woods

At Northern Michigan, the opportunity to enjoy the safe, beautiful white winters calls to many students. Just minutes from campus, students can begin their outdoor adventures.

A couple students rolling and laughing in a snowbank

After classes are over for the day you can play in the snow with your friends.












Students walk by a snowy residence hall with snowboards

With up to 300 inches of snow annually per year, Marquette offers fun and exciting recreational sports, such as skiing and snowboarding for its students to try, as well as beautiful scenery.

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NMU’s technology provides amazing experiences Fri, 26 Oct 2012 18:11:50 +0000

The international office sent me an email about the guideline to complete the application step by step and tell me the deadline after I started my application of NMU. I thought this was a very friendly action, since I was busy in my senior of high school. I would receive emails occasionally to remind me what kind of documents I was still missing. This really helped me a lot to get my application done. I don’t think all the universities would do this, because I have applied more than one university. But NMU made me feel respected as a student.

When I looked at NMU website before I became a student of NMU, I saw a policy is attracted to me which is laptop policy. NMU provide laptop for each of the student.  I don’t know the reason of that. But after I studied in NMU, I can tell the technology in here is very incredible.

Students sit around a table talking with a laptop

At NMU, all students are provided a laptop and the Wi-Fi capabilities extend all around the city of Marquette and beyond.

One of the big advantages of Northern is the technology. Northern Michigan University has a great 4G network ( called WiMax) which the Wi-Fi network is covers most of the town. Even we are not living on campus, we can still enjoy the fast stable 4G network from the school as soon as linked with the school laptop. As a Northern student, we can get a laptop provided from the school. The laptop has installed all the software we needed for the classes. We has Microsoft Office Suite, lockdown browser etc. I think it helps the students to buy the software by ourselves and also save the time for us if we have some technical issues. Northern is very encouraging students to computer and software. We can take the exams online, online activities in EduCat, which is part of the intranet of NMU. I like doing activities and exams online, because I like it can save papers and reduce the time for teacher to grade the paper. Usually I can get the results back right after I am done.  If my computer has any problem, I just go to the help desk and the student workers are nice in there and willing to help me to solve my computer problems. They have definitely helped me a lot in this part. I think that NMU providing a laptop and maintenance is very great because it is one less thing to worry when you get ready to study abroad.

Yuen kwan Chau

A student gets help from the NMU Technology Help Desk on campus

NMU provides friendly service for all laptop needs right on campus and it is available to all students.

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Fall colors at Northern Michigan University Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:28:56 +0000
Students stop to talk on a trail under bright orange and yellow leaves

At NMU, adventure is never far away and scenes like this are common. Learn more about the natural wonder of Northern Michigan at

NMU students walk the Lake Superior shoreline with a yellow and orange colored woods to their right
NMU students walk the shoreline of Lake Superior with the beautiful fall colors of the woods, just minutes from the main campus
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Yuen Kwan Chau’s student organization experience Mon, 22 Oct 2012 18:59:44 +0000

NMU provide so many opportunities to students outside of academic area. NMU has different clubs which are based on personal interest and academic area. Joining a club definitely can help me to improve my network and allows for more chances to contribute in the school.

Students at a organization meeting sit as a group

Students at a organization meeting sit as a group

NMU has a club particular for international students to join. Beside the other universities, NMU would like to have a club with all countries instead of having a club for each country. This is encouraging international students to be involved in the club and meet more friends from different countries. The club also welcomes American students to join. I have learned so much in the club. There is a regular weekly meeting during which there is a presentation of one country and presented by the student who is from that country. We can learn some of the languages from them, share food and have some basic knowledge about the each country. I think it is very great to let students to share their stories and share anything during the school year.

I am also a member of the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) which is only for the accounting, finance and computer information system majors students. BAP is a professional club providing various opportunities for our major and future planning. I like this club so much because it helps me to build up my professional networking. We got chance to visit accounting firm, hear alumni speak and do a volunteer event for filing tax.  NMU is relatively small size of the school which I think is great, as I can be involved in more than in big school. In my opinion, I think being a part of two clubs is good amount and involved as much as I can for each. Beside the BAP, NMU has more different clubs for your major and interest based.

Yuen Kwan Chau

Students are close together in a circle playing a game

Students playing a game during a meeting



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Yuen Kwan Chau reasons to love Northern Michigan Fri, 05 Oct 2012 17:28:21 +0000

I think there are several differences with education in America. NMU has small class sizes. I can get to know more classmates and interact with them. Also, the classes I have taken, there were many in-class activities with the other students. I can get to know more people and learn from them. During the activities, the professors were always helpful and encouraging. I really like this kind of learning method.

I am from an international city. I have lived in a city most of my life. It was tough when I made a decision to come to NMU. NMU is far away from big cities like Green Bay and Appleton, Wisconsin. At first I thought it might be a disadvantage for me to come to this school. However, after I came here, I really like the small setting town. I have more time to enjoy the nice weather in Marquette with my friends. I like hiking up to Sugarloaf Mountain and going to the lakeshore to enjoy the amazing scenes which cities cannot competed with. I am so happy that I gave myself a chance to explore somewhere outside of a major city.

Yuen Kwan Chau

Three students pose for a picture in a snowy field

Yuen Kwan Chau and friends in the snow

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Yuen Kwan Chau reflects on her decision to attend Northern Michigan Mon, 01 Oct 2012 21:04:01 +0000

Before I make a decision to attend Northern Michigan University, I did some search about the town and the background information of NMU. Marquette is a rural setting town, south of the Lake Superior which has amazing scenery and is full of rich, natural beauty. Marquette also has very low crime rate. I think that was very important for me to make my decision. NMU also provides small class sizes. Professors and instructors have more time to spend on each of the students. All of the professors who I had classes with were very helpful and encouraging to us. I am very glad that I had learned so much from them.

A rocky section of shoreline on Lake Superior

A rocky section of the Lake Superior shoreline



I think the biggest surprise about Marquette is definitely the winter season. I am from Hong Kong which is the south of China. Hong Kong is a tropical area. I was amazed by the winter in Marquette. I was surprised by the amount of snow we can get in a year. I like to go sledding, build snowmen or have a snowball fight with my friends. Winter is a super fun season in Marquette. I am excited and for the terrific winter. The winter in Marquette can be dangerous, fun and long. Winter is dangerous because of the snow is hard to drive on and walk on. I need to drive extremely careful and slow to make sure it is safe. But it’s fun is because I can play in the snow. I love snow, I can’t wait to go sledding and have more snowball fights. Since Marquette is in the north, winter last more than four months, usually from November to April.

Yuen Kwan Chau leans up against a large snowbank

Yuen Kwan Chau during a Marquette winter

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Living next to Lake Superior Fri, 28 Sep 2012 18:57:37 +0000

When I go to a new place, I normally would be attracted by it for a while, because of the fresh stuff. However, I have been here at Northern for almost two years, I still enjoy here, no kidding, and when it comes to the day I graduate, I will cry because I love it.

Nobody would say “no” if I say Marquette is the one of the most attractive places during the fall in United State. In this season, people drive several hours to Marquette for this amazing view, leaves are changing color, Lake Superior is the right temperature to swim. I was told Northern Michigan University is close to the Lake Superior, but, I cannot believe it that it only takes me 10 minutes to walk from where I live (near campus) to arrive there. I mean the lake is just on your next door, you can imagine how much fun you are going to have based on the big lake. As part of the Chinese Organization, we had our first welcome party there on the beach; friends of mine and I
spent the American Independent Day at the beach enjoying the fireworks, then we went to the Presque Isle and dived into the water.

Friends, take this opportunity and have fun at Lake Superior.

Huijin He

View of Lake Superior from cliff

NMU students overlook Lake Superior fro Sugarloaf Mountain near campus

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Huijin He’s Experience at Northern Michigan University Fri, 21 Sep 2012 18:45:42 +0000

My name is Huijin He. I and 21 other students came here as a group of transfer students from Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) in China 2 years ago. Our former college and NMU have partner relationship, so we actually know about NMU through

Arial shot of NMU campus

CUEB. However, CUEB has no less than 5 cooperative universities. I finally decided on NMU after serious consideration. After a review

of my transcript, NMU admitted most of my credits, so I canfinish my degree earlier than what I expected and it is proof to my parents that I did not waste time on the last two years at CUEB. My parents agreed to have me to go to NMU because they believe NMU is in the safest city ever. After I arrived here, I found out people here just as described in the video we saw. They say “hi,” smile at you and do favors for you. The most exciting thing I found out is it only costs me half of the price compared to a friend who studies at another cooperative university.

I have enjoyed myself here at the last two years. I joined in different clubs and went to various activities. We founded the first Chinese Club here at Northern Michigan University. As the Vice President of the new Chinese Club, I mainly take care of the funds and assist the President in organizing our activities. We have two big events every year: Mid-Autumn Festival Party and Chinese New Year Party. Beside this, All Nations Club (link) and Superior Edge (link) are my favorite organizations.

coffee mug with universal red "No" symbol through it

I have to say I learned how to drink coffee here. I do not drink a lot coffee in China, perhaps one cup per month, but now I drink it just like water. It’s a basic daily necessity. However, there one flavor I cannot and would not like is the taste of Cinnamon, I am sorry, Americans, I just do not like it.


I’m excited like to share more of my experience in the future.


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