All week I have been feeling under pressure to write this weeks Hospitality blog. Induction week has been so busy as we have moved faculty, and therefore need to orientate new students, and returning students, who haven’t seen our shiny new resources in all their glory. This left me little time for research on a pet topic for this week.


So….. thank you so much to the “moan in’ on radio 5 live which must have left a spark that was fanned when I read the article in Forbes about the Four seasons new food truck (link below).

Basically one chap was moaning about paying GBP 13.95 for soggy fish and chips in a mid-budget hotel. Apparently his fish came on a plate, the peas in a separate mug and the chips were in a novelty fryer basket – apparently this was the hotels attempt to justify the hefty price tag. In his closing arguments he moaned that he was plating the meal for them!


The Forbes article is critical of Four Seasons culinary reputation but has some praise for the “quirky” nature of their offering, have a read yourself for more detail.

However, I have a different view. Truly good food does not have to be dressed up with fancy accessories to justify its price. My wife and I save up every year and on our anniversary we go to a restaurant that is listed in the top 50 in the world. This year we went to Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, we had the seasonal tasting menu with matched wines and the bill was in excess of GBP 600 for the two of us. The food was exquisite and the experience worth every penny. Every dish was served on plain crockery of some sort – it was the food that did the talking.


So come on mid market restaurants and hotel chains, by all means serve good honest dishes like fish and chips, homemade pies – even a good old fashioned mixed grill if you want (I’d certainly buy it), but do it well and at a reasonable price without the fancy accessories that todays savvy consumer can see right through.

Stewart Morrell!