For me, King’s has opened a beautiful porte into Paris and a year doing my dream job, lecturing.For my boyfriend, also a King’s graduate, Kings has helped him form his own theatre company, Dunnico Media. He gained acting and directing experience by joining the King’s Players and even received money from the King’s Annual Fund in order to put on The Rivals at The Camden Frige a couple of years ago. Tomorrow, he is putting on a production of James Joyce’s only play, Exiles, with a modern re-vamp. I’m really looking forward to it.Great Dover Street -where it all beganAnd to think this all this started in Freshers Week 2008. I of course take full credit (only joking) because, so that my boyfriend went to audition for the King’s players, I agreed to go along and audition too, even though my acting repetoire consists only of a surprised look and a pretty terrible impression of Arsene Wenger (Well… eurgh).


Going to King’s opens doors… Stage doors to be precise