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Career based MBA programs are designed to add value to corporations and organizations, as well as to the business student.  Career based MBA programs are also becoming more highly desired by Fortune 500 corporations and large organizations around the world.  Companies are looking beyond just the management-level training programs that have been historically part of the MBA degree.  They are looking for specific skills that will add immediate value to the bottom line. Career based MBA programs are widely referred to as the ‘passport for a successful career’.

Central Michigan University (CMU), which was established in 1892 and now serves about 30,000 students (with 21,000 on campus), was granted AACSB-International accreditation in 1983 and has since been a popular destination university for business students.  CMU provides a dozen MBA concentrations at its main campus in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  However, in recent years, CMU began providing a complete MBA option online for students who are unable to attend courses on campus.  The university has also been working closely with business and industry leaders to enhance the MBA and make it more valuable for employers, as well as for students.

Currently, CMU offers three AACSB-International accredited Online MBA programs.  These Online MBA programs (MBA concentrations) have been created in content areas that are highly desired by corporations and organizations, and include:

     1. a professional MBA for Value Driven Organizations;

     2. an information technology based MBA in SAP Software Systems; and

     3. a global enterprises MBA in Logistics Management.

1. The Online MBA degree program with a concentration in Value Driven Organization is CMU’s professional MBA.  It is a 31 credit hour program that is completed in under two years.  This program is designed to meet the needs of experienced business people seeking a career-enhancing MBA degree.  The focus is on the voice of the customer (marketing research methodologies), corporate governance and social responsibility, and process improvement (Six Sigma methods used to enhance processes and increase efficiencies).

2. The Online MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) with an emphasis in Enterprise Software (SAP) is a 31 credit program offered completely online with the exception of a two-week, face-to-face SAP Academy program.  Students who successfully complete the program will receive their MBA and the mySAP ERP certification recognized by SAP.

3. The Online MBA degree with an emphasis in Logistics Management is a 34 credit program designed to be completed in two years.  Logistics Management is a vital part of supply chain management and deals with the movement and storage of materials.  Courses include Market & Sales Forecasting, Lean Logistics Operations, Integrated Logistics Strategy, and Risk-based Logistics Networks, plus a final applied course that integrates knowledge learned into a final project.

CMU’s College of Business Administration has a commitment to value-based education and a long history of working with industry to effectively maximize their profits and minimize expenditures.  Since 1983, the College has been accredited by AACSB-International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which is recognized worldwide as the premier accrediting body for colleges of business.  CMU’s College of Business is highly respected and remains dedicated to preparing students for today’s integrated business processes.

For students and professionals interested in attending CMU, the GMAT is required for admission and an undergraduate degree in business will better prepare you for success in the program.  However, there are two Graduate Certificate options that do not require the GMAT, including the Graduate Certificate in SAP and the Graduate Certificate in Logistics Management, and each takes about a year to complete.

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CMU representatives visit India Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:21:48 +0000

Representatives from Central Michigan University (CMU) are traveling to India in December to meet with Indian university officials, education advising centers, and CMU alumni living in India.

Dr. Debasish Chakraborty, Director of MBA Programs at Central Michigan University, is heading up a group of CMU faculty and students who will be visiting key universities in New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Vishakhapatnam.  The group will also meet with Chamber of Commerce officials and industry leaders.

Robert Hassen, a representative of CMU’s College of Graduate Studies, will be traveling throughout India in December and meeting officials from various universities and education advising centers in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai.  He will also be meeting with university alumni currently living in India.

CMU provides over 250 accredited academic programs at its main campus in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with over 70 programs at the graduate level.  Prominent graduate programs include the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in Administration, and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.  CMU is also widely known for master’s and doctoral programs in Psychology, Business Information Systems, Political Science, and Sport Administration.

Dr. Chakraborty and Mr. Hassen will additionally be visiting the CMU Information Center in Hyderabad, which is operated by and located within the headquarters of the Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council, a not-for-profit organization in Hyderabad.  The center helps Indian students with applications and communications with Central Michigan University.

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