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  • Inheritance tax worries Thailand’s ultra-rich

    By Oct 06, 2014

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    Pic: AP.

    Sasithorn Ongdee in an op-ed in The Nation: What will happen if the inheritance tax is revived in ways that mean Thais won’t return to “happiness”? Several years ago, one of my cousins was approached by the owner of an orchard to buy some 10 rai of her orchard plantation in Nonthaburi. The reason for

  • Rich police and military officers appointed to NLA try to avoid reporting their assets

    By Oct 04, 2014

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    The Bangkok Post in an editorial earlier this week entitled “NLA lawsuit harms PM” about 28 members appointed to the NLA who were trying to avoid reporting their assets. Key excerpts: A small group in the new legislature is taking a large risk by refusing to report assets and liabilities as ordered. In a stunning

  • Thai Minister : Our policies are not populist as we are not trying to win votes

    By Oct 02, 2014

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    Reuters: Thailand’s military government approved plans for stimulus measures worth a combined 364 billion baht ($11.2 billion) on Wednesday in a bid to revive an economy laid low by months of political unrest. … “Overall, the measures to stimulate the whole economy will use a total of 324.5 billion baht ($10 billion),” he said, adding

  • With declining rubber prices, what will rubber farmers do in Thailand?

    By Oct 02, 2014

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    With declining rubber prices, what will rubber farmers do in Thailand?

    Last year, rubber farmers were unhappy with the Yingluck government. AP on September 4, 2013: More than 12,000 rubber farmers protested and blocked roads Tuesday in Thailand’s south to demand that the government boost declining rubber prices, police said. Farmers from several provinces in the south, where most of Thailand’s rubber plantations are located, were

  • Some advice to the junta: Don’t mess with the opiate of the masses

    By Sep 28, 2014

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    Thai Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha. Pic: AP.

    Reuters: Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha on Friday criticized television soap operas for promoting violence and divisions in society said he wanted scripts to encourage reconciliation, and would write them himself if he had to. Prayuth, who is also army chief, staged a coup on May 22, overthrowing an elected government after six months of

  • Thai newspaper : The establishment should stop spreading falsehoods about democracy

    By Sep 26, 2014

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    An editorial appeared in a newspaper last month entitled “Don’t be fooled by ‘Thai-style democracy’”. Below are some excerpts: Contrary to opinions being voiced in Thailand, democracy has not been patented by the West. Our intellectual elite should stop spreading the false idea that “Western-style democracy” does not fit Thai society. It might be true that

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