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  • “Middle income” Thais with 50 million baht of assets need to be protected from an inheritance tax

    By Oct 08, 2014

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    BP has already blogged that the proposed inheritance tax (50 million baht is tax-exempt and then 10% tax) and critiqued a number of criticism of the inheritance tax. The Nation: Bandid Nijathaworn, president and chief executive officer of the Thai Institute of Directors Association, said the tax should be implemented but it alone might not be

  • Prayuth’s brother’s mathematically challenged assets declaration

    By Oct 07, 2014

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    Prayuth’s brother’s mathematically challenged assets declaration

    As we know, Prayuth’s brother is a member of the NLA and is quite rich. The Bangkok Post: Assistant army chief Lt Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha, who is the younger brother of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, has 79.8 million baht in net assets. Reviewing his assets declaration, there are some issues. Page 5 has list of

  • ‘Project to Strengthen Stability at the Village Level’

    By Oct 06, 2014

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    Isaan Record: Under a temple pavilion, 60 Red Shirt villagers watched a projected image of a candle on a screen. A military staff member asked everyone to close their eyes, sit silent and meditate while she read aloud. “How was it that we kept a hold on our country and avoided being colonized by another

  • Inheritance tax worries Thailand’s ultra-rich

    By Oct 06, 2014

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    Pic: AP.

    Sasithorn Ongdee in an op-ed in The Nation: What will happen if the inheritance tax is revived in ways that mean Thais won’t return to “happiness”? Several years ago, one of my cousins was approached by the owner of an orchard to buy some 10 rai of her orchard plantation in Nonthaburi. The reason for

  • Rich police and military officers appointed to NLA try to avoid reporting their assets

    By Oct 04, 2014

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    The Bangkok Post in an editorial earlier this week entitled “NLA lawsuit harms PM” about 28 members appointed to the NLA who were trying to avoid reporting their assets. Key excerpts: A small group in the new legislature is taking a large risk by refusing to report assets and liabilities as ordered. In a stunning

  • Thai Minister : Our policies are not populist as we are not trying to win votes

    By Oct 02, 2014

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    Reuters: Thailand’s military government approved plans for stimulus measures worth a combined 364 billion baht ($11.2 billion) on Wednesday in a bid to revive an economy laid low by months of political unrest. … “Overall, the measures to stimulate the whole economy will use a total of 324.5 billion baht ($10 billion),” he said, adding

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