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  • Anti-Thaksin energy reform activists detained by Thailand’s military junta

    By Aug 25, 2014

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    A former imprisoned for illegally entering CambodiaThai nationalist activist Veera Somkwamkid, center, enters the Phnom Penh International Airport upon his arrival, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

    The Bangkok Post on August 20: Energy reform advocates kicked off their 950km walking campaign from Songkhla’s Hat Yai district to Bangkok yesterday to raise public awareness of national energy policy. The group, called “Partnership on Energy Reform,” started the campaign at the Clock Tower square in Muang Hat Yai municipality, drawing about 100 participants

  • Tourist numbers in July increase vs tourist numbers in July fall

    By Aug 21, 2014

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    NNT on August 15: The Department of Tourism has noted a trend towards a recovery in tourism arrivals in Thailand with tourist numbers increasing 22.7% in July. The Director General of the Department of Tourism said the tourist numbers to Thailand in July 2014 had increased by 22.7%, or 1,914,582 arrivals, compared to the previous

  • What constitutes a democracy? The future of electoral democracy in Thailand looks grim

    By Aug 21, 2014

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    What constitutes a democracy? The future of electoral democracy in Thailand looks grim

    The Nation in an editorial on January 2, 2014 with the headline “Democracy is not just about elections”. Key excerpt: In a representative democracy, elected MPs are supposed to represent the interest of their electorate, and also the public interest. In mature democracies, voters tend to base their choice on political and ethical values, rather than offers of

  • Is Thailand’s rubber stamp parliament a sign of things to come?

    By Aug 19, 2014

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    The Bangkok Post: The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) voted on Monday to accept in principle the 2015 budget bill, with the Education Ministry getting the biggest budget, followed by the Interior Ministry. The members voted 183 in favour, with three abstentions. … Defence spending, which typically increases in Thailand after a coup, grew 5.3% from

  • Critics fall silent on Thai junta’s high-speed rail plans

    By Aug 12, 2014

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    Time for an upgrade. Pic: AP.

    he Yingluck Shinawatra government planned to spend 2 trillion baht (US62.3 billion) on infrastructure spending.

  • Thitinan on turning back the clock in Thailand

    By Aug 08, 2014

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    Thitinan with an op-ed in the Straits Times. Key exceprt: AS THAILAND’S putsch on 22 May is being converted into a military government in civilian clothes, at issue is how far the Thai clock can be turned back. Domestic constraints and international parameters are now crucial in setting a tone and direction that will keep

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