Asian Correspondent is 5 years old this month. Pic: AP.

Asian Correspondent is 5 years old this month. Pic: AP.

Asian Correspondent today launched a new logo to reflect the growing global network of regional ‘Correspondent’ news and current affairs websites.

Launched 5 years ago this month as a unique “hybrid” mix of regional journalists, bloggers and syndicated content, Asian Correspondent has grown to become one of the region’s most popular news outlets. Today’s rebrand celebrates that success and reflects owner Hybrid News Limited’s aspirations to develop the ‘Correspondent’ network into a global brand.

“As Hybrid News grows we feel it’s important to ensure that people can see a consistent brand, voice and channel across all of our platforms,” said Hybrid News Managing Director James Craven.

“The need for an attractive, unified brand became apparent earlier this year as we were preparing two exciting new launches – Latin Correspondent and Study International. We now feel we have a brand that works and there are more developments to come next year.”

Latin Correspondent, Hybrid’s latest foray into news and current affairs coverage, was launched two months ago. Its mix of news, education and digital culture content has been steadily attracting readers in Central and South America. Study International, Hybrid’s established international student recruitment service, will be launching a dedicated education news and university listings website later this month.

Every month Hybrid News Limited’s web properties reach 2.5 million unique users across the globe. All websites will now carry the unique ‘speech bubble’ logo, creating a consistent look for a fast-growing brand.

“The new ‘Correspondent’ logos have been designed to give our independent news sites a modern and cohesive identity,” said Lead Designer Ross Merritt.

“Each features a cross between a speech bubble and a globe, with the associated continent in the centre, representing both the ‘voice’ and the global news coverage provided across the ‘correspondent’ network.

“Subtle colour gradients have been added to give each individual site its own unique branding, which is then used throughout the design of the website – as can be seen on the first of our new-style sites, Latin Correspondent.

“This concept has been adopted across the board and can be seen in our new Study International logo as well as our Hybrid News Group rebrand.”