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  • Development pushes poor from land as Cambodia dams its rivers

    By Mar 04, 2014

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    A fisherman works near the site of the proposed Xayaburi Dam in Paksey, northern Laos.  There are serious concerns about the environmental impact of foreign investment in Laos. Pic: AP.

    “From my view, I don’t want to have it, but it is development, we can’t stop them,” says Srekor’s village chief, Leang Saroeurn.

  • Cambodia: Rainsy returns as court keeps protesters in jail

    By Feb 12, 2014

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    Buddhist monks hold the portrait of a detainee and a banner reading "Free human rights activists, hero workers" during a prayer in a rally calling for the release of the detained anti-government protesters, in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Tuesday. Pic: AP.

    Anguished cries from supporters and family members echoed outside the Appeals Court in Phnom Penh yesterday as they received the news bail had been denied. They had been hoping for the release of 21 people detained since a brutal government crackdown in early January.

  • Burma: Govt moves to silence Rohingya MP after homes torched

    By Feb 05, 2014

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    Burma: Govt moves to silence Rohingya MP after homes torched

    Rohingya MP Shwe Maung has been interrogated and threatened with a defamation lawsuit after he accused local police of involvement in the burning of Rohingya homes in Du Char Yar Tan village in late January, the latest effort by the Burmese government to silence accusations of wrongdoing in the country’s ongoing sectarian conflict.

  • Rights group slams Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers

    By Jan 22, 2014

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    Pic: AP.

    Human Rights Watch has condemned past and current Australian governments in their latest annual world report for engaging in “scare-mongering politics at the expense of the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.”

  • Leading international boarding schools for Asian students

    By Dec 18, 2013


    Pic: Strathallan primary school students.

    Read our latest review of international boarding schools Global society is more interconnected and competitive than ever before, and this has prompted dramatic changes in the dynamics of leadership, professionalism and business. Students who attend university abroad are often better equipped to navigate these shifting dynamics. However, the real prize in 21st-century achievement and marketability

  • Ulster Law School – University of Ulster

    By Dec 17, 2013

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    Magee campus

    The University of Ulster in Northern Ireland has been offering Law since 1991, and in 2013 the School of Law celebrated the 21st anniversary of its first graduating cohort. Today, Ulster Law School offers on two separate campuses a wide range of programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At postgraduate level taught LLM courses, served

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