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  • Rights group slams Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers

    By Jan 22, 2014

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    Pic: AP.

    Human Rights Watch has condemned past and current Australian governments in their latest annual world report for engaging in “scare-mongering politics at the expense of the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.”

  • Leading international boarding schools for Asian students

    By Dec 18, 2013


    Pic: Strathallan primary school students.

    Read our latest review of international boarding schools Global society is more interconnected and competitive than ever before, and this has prompted dramatic changes in the dynamics of leadership, professionalism and business. Students who attend university abroad are often better equipped to navigate these shifting dynamics. However, the real prize in 21st-century achievement and marketability

  • Ulster Law School – University of Ulster

    By Dec 17, 2013

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    Magee campus

    The University of Ulster in Northern Ireland has been offering Law since 1991, and in 2013 the School of Law celebrated the 21st anniversary of its first graduating cohort. Today, Ulster Law School offers on two separate campuses a wide range of programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At postgraduate level taught LLM courses, served

  • Asia plays waiting game for PlayStation 4 release

    By Nov 14, 2013

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    Amazon prepares for the imminent release of the Playstation 4 in the US. Pic: AP.

    As gamers in the US and Canada wait with bated breath for Friday’s release of the long awaited PlayStation 4 console, their Asian counterparts must wait another month before it is officially released in the region. Japanese gamers face an even more agonising wait, as the console will not be released there until February 22.

  • VIDEO: Cambodia’s brutal protest crackdown

    By Nov 14, 2013

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    An injured Cambodian worker escapes from riot police during clashes in Phnom Penh last November. Pic: AP.

    The below video montage uploaded to YouTube exposes the vicious brutality of Tuesday’s crackdown on protesting garment factory workers outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Police fired live ammunition during the clashes , killing a bystander who was struck by a bullet while selling rice and injuring at least 20 people. The video clearly shows police brutalizing defenceless

  • China: Beluga whale bullies toddler (VIDEO)

    By Nov 06, 2013

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    China: Beluga whale bullies toddler (VIDEO)

    This super cute clip from China has been going a bit viral this week. It’s difficult to tell if the beluga whale is being playful, or if he’s a bit of a bully. Note the wings on the the kid’s back, for extra cuteness!

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