ABAC Poll surveyed 2,498 people between February 15-18. One interesting question was on “if there was an election held today, who would you vote for?” with the breakdown being by the length of time that the person has been registered to vote in Bangkok. The result is below:

Microsoft Excel

NOTE: To be registered to vote in Bangkok, you must be at least 18 years and be listed on a Bangkok house registration for at least 90 days before the election date.

BP: This is fairly dramatic. There are two main categories; Bangkokians have just turned 18 within the past 5 years and people who have been residents of Bangkok for less than 5 years, but they are going to Pongsapat by a margin of 4 to 1. That is a killing. Even if you think the polls are off by a bit, it shows a demographic problem for the Democrats. New voters are going overwhelmingly for the Puea Thai candidate. It shows what a difference a fresh face makes.

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