TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Ang Lee’s second Academy Award for directing has surprised his home of Taiwan as much as Hollywood.

Presenters Jane Fonda, right, and Michael Douglas present the award for best directing to Ang Lee for "Life of Pi," left, during the Oscars in Los Angeles Sunday. Pic: AP.

Lee Gang, the director’s brother, says he thought “Life of Pi” might not be an Oscar favorite because its theme isn’t mainstream. The shipwreck story of an Indian boy on a boat with a tiger was told with a production team of international artistic and visual effects workers.

Taiwanese TV stations Monday aired Lee saying during the ceremony that he couldn’t have made the movie “without the help of Taiwan.”

Lee has said the shipwreck story’s key setting — a large water tank built at a studio in Taiwan — allowed the crew to use its imagination freely and not be restrained by Hollywood values.

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