Some of the country’s greatest minds are meeting in a space custom-built for collaboration – and the possibilities are endless.Humans have asked what matter is for millennia. Today’s researchers are heirs to the accumulated answers to that question and can dream of advanced new materials that will help realise extraordinary technological advances.Among possibilities being explored by engineers in a new complex in Australia are solar cells so thin they can be printed onto plastic in a reel-to-reel printing process, putting solar energy on tap for all sorts of surfaces. There are materials that allow the human body to regenerate worn or diseased bones and organs. Physicists can create an entirely new state of matter with unusual properties, with a vast range of benefits including atomtronics that would help locate mineral deposits.The leadership at Monash University is well aware its engineers can make massive contributions to medicine, and that physicists are learning to build machines with implications for all research and development. To further fuel such collaborative ventures, it decided to build the New Horizons Centre (NHC), where researchers from multiple departments can cohabit and mingle to exploit radical new possibilities

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