Terms:Nobu – A restaurant owned by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Drew Nieporent that occupies the first floor of The Metropolitan Hotel on Park Lane. BoBo – Stands for ‘Bourgeois Bohemians’ – A phrase first coined by the American journalist, David Brooks, to describe a growing number of upper class ‘creative’ urban elites Suggested Accompanying Music: Milo GreeneHow Rock Shrimp Tempura, and a ‘Corporate Jester’, rekindled in me the spirit of ‘68Life in London can sometimes feel like an episode of Top Gear, a farcical parody of itself (who can actually tell the difference between this spoof and an actual episode?) Don’t get me wrong I love this city with all its idiosyncrasies. However, sitting in a cafe near the corner of Regent Street and Wigmore Street in central London, with 168 Starbucks stores in a 5 mile radius, I reflect on a week where disillusionment has crept into my life.We live in a Society of the Spectacle argues Guy Debord, one where the signifier has become more important than the signified.

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Nobu, BoBo, No!

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