Sapna Sharma

Sapna Sharma is also joining Science at York. Her research focuses on climate change, invasive species, aquatic ecology and statistical modeling. She joins the Department of Biology following her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Biology at York has a significant presence around the world and will give me the opportunity to collaborate with excellent researchers,” says Sharma.

She is interested in understanding the effects of environmental stressors on ecosystems and improving the use of quantitative approaches used to generate these predictions. At York, she will continue her work in an effort to understand the effects of climate change, invasive species, habitat alteration, and pollution on ecosystems and develop conservation and management strategies to conserve biodiversity. Concurrently she also aims to disentangle the role of climate change and large-scale climate drivers on climatic variability over the past 150 to 550 years based on lake ice records.

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