The Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University operates a few of Canada’s leading creative industries programs. Many of the degree programs on offer are one-of-a-kind, attracting world-renown faculty and ambitious students.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are offered through the following nine schools under the FCAD.

Ryerson University dance

Pic: Ryerson University dance.

RTA School of Media
The RTA School of Media offers the only four-year university degree of its kind in Canada. Graduates join an elite group of media producers, storytellers and artists.

School of Creative Industries
In 2013, Ryerson is unveiling a new BA program in Creative Industries,  which is going to be bundled with a specialization in business. Highly interdisciplinary, this program explores creative fields from an entrepreneurial perspective.

School of Fashion
This is one of the top fashion schools in the world, and it offers the option to specialize in fashion communication as well as fashion design.

Ryerson FCAD fashion design

Pic: Ryerson FCAD School of Fashion.

School of Graphic Communications Management
Canada’s only degree-issuing program for the printing industries is offered through the School of Graphic Communications Management.

School of Image Arts
This leading undergraduate school specializes in new media, photography and film, and it offers an even mix of lectures, studio time and laboratory courses.

School of Interior Design
The School of Interior Design incorporates traditional theory and practice, but tempers this with modern sensibilities related to emerging technologies and sustainability.

School of Journalism
Many of the best-known journalists and reporters in Canada have graduated from Ryerson’s School of Journalism.

School of Professional Communication
This school offers traditional four-year degree courses in a range of communications fields and also operates an accelerated one-year master’s program.

Theatre School
The Theatre School offers course in Performance Acting, Performance Dance and Performance Production, all of which include extensive studio training, coaching and mentorship.

Ryerson University campus in downtown Toronto

Pic: Ryerson University campus in downtown Toronto.

International partnerships
FCAD was an early mover in terms of seeking out international partnerships. Since 1995, the Faculty has developed agreements with more than 30 academic institutions around the world. Recently, the FCAD Dean travelled to India and China to meet with potential partners in those countries. This is paving the way to more dynamic programs and exciting research exchange opportunities for students in the future.

These partnerships are already bearing fruit at Ryerson and abroad. Faculty members from the Communication University of China have been spending time on Ryerson campus. Furthermore, FCAD is scheduled to host the MLeague international conference this year, which will see representatives from more than 20 countries in attendance.


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