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Is it enough to be admitted to a domestic university? With the results of regular admissions coming out following the end of non-regular admissions for the 2013 school year, increasing numbers of parents and students have their eyes on overseas universities. Students who graduated in the third and fourth levels in high school can easily meet frustration if attempting to enter a top-10 university or a university in Seoul. However, in America (based on complete rankings) a student who graduates from the second through sixth levels can enter a university ranked from 30th to 150th. Chosun Education, an educational foundation created by Cambridge Korea and the Chosun Ilbo,  is making its Korean debut in the 16-year history of Cambridge International Special Admissions with a focus on the 30th to 150th ranked American universities. Beginning with 455 American universities, plus 170 in the United Kingdom, 45 in Canada, and 40 in Australia, there are 1,881 universities in 239 countries which have received A or AS levels of recognition by Cambridge International Examinations. Selected students study English and liberal arts courses in English, preparing them for easy adaptation to American university life.

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