Pakistani police officers and local residents gather at the site of a bomb blast that targeted paramilitary soldiers in a commercial area in Quetta, Pakistan Thursday. Pic: AP.

QUETTA, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani police say the death toll from bombings on a billiards hall in the southwest has risen to 86, putting the overall number of dead in one the country’s bloodiest days in years at 120.

Senior police official Hamid Shakeel in the southern city of Quetta said five more of the wounded died overnight. He said funerals would be held in various parts of the city later Friday.

Late on Thursday, a suicide attacker and car bomb hit the billiards hall in a Shiite area of Quetta, capital of Baluchistan province. Another bombing struck paramilitary soldiers in the city, while an explosion in the northwest targeted people at a mosque.

The billiards hall bombing was the deadliest of Thursday’s attacks. Most of the victims were minority Shiites.

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