No, not KLIA. Airports are made to be safe, very safe. That’s why you have the most sophisticated CCTVs at airports, and metal detectors, roaming K9 squads, uniformed and undercover security personnel, traffic cops, VVIP bodyguards, other uniformed people (immigration, customs, pilots), etc etc. In some airports, you have soldiers guarding the parameters.

Why? Simply because an airport is a high-security zone. Airport security officers are dealing daily with potential terrorists, hijackers, bombers, etc.

KLIA had a relatively good record where security is concerned but blogger-journo Ahmad A. Talib discovered upon returning from Gaza the other day that touts and cheating cabbies may not be our only worries. A group of Peruvian crooks have been going about robbing arriving passengers, he found out later. This was after his Vaio, which survived 9 days of the war in Gaza, was nicked from right under his nose.

But what really pissed Ahmad off is finding out that the CCTV wasn’t working …!

Read his experience in CCTV at KLIA: Is that the cartoon network?

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