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The name “Miho” (미호, 美虎) has been chosen for the Baekdusan tiger cub.

The Korea Forest Service announced on the 6th that the female cub, produced by the pair of Baekdusan tigers who arrived from China, has been named Miho to mean “beautiful tiger”.

The name was chosen from over 200 names submitted by citizens. The Service chose the name to express the hope that the cub, the first to be successfully produced, will grow up beatifully and healthfully while being loved by citizens.

The Service showed the cub’s face in October, four months after being born.

Hwang Hyo-tae, head of the Service’s Baekdu Daegan National Arboretum Construction Work’s planning team, said that “we expect that the name Miho will create social interest in the development of Baekdu tigers, which are quite endangered.”

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