Top 10 in society.

1. One of the Somali pirates who was convicted in Korea is imprisoned in Daejeon and studying Korean, including watching the Gangnam Style video.

2. A repeat of last week’s story of a man who committed suicide after watching a presidential election debate.

3. A man in his 40s was arrested on charges of making sex tapes with women he met and then secretly uploading the tapes to the internet.

4. The woman accusing a Seoul prosecutor of seeking sexual bribes from her has hired a lawyer and wants to be contacted by other victims.

5. A 12-year old boy uses helium balloons to take high-altitude photographs.

6. A lengthy OhMyNews article about the horrifying ways animals are treated and killed in the food industry and in scientific research.

7. In Japan, five dead bodies were found in a boat marked with hangul writing. Speculation is that the unfortunate passengers were North Korean refugees.

8. A look at the jjimjilbang where many people took refuge on Yeongpyeong-do during the artillery attack from North Korea.

9. A family of four was killed in a car accident while on their way to visit their son in the military.

10. A look at women who work as janitors in department stores and such, earning just 900,000 won per month.

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