This private business school was founded in 1997 with a charter group of ten students. Today, more than 450 are enrolled, with a significant South Asian student population. The business school aims to cultivate successful leaders in international business – professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to leverage a competitive edge in 21st-century business.

Programs are flexible, with a twice-annual uptake (September and January). As a private school, Regent’s Business School is able to maintain small classes of less than 25 students, ensuring close personal attention from tutors. This is a world-class business education, and graduates go on to become leaders of global business.

Regent's College London campus

Pic: Regent's University London campus.

This is one of the fastest-growing business schools in the UK. High-quality teaching and cultural diversity combine to make Regent’s postgraduate business offerings some of the most competitive on the market.


Master of Arts in Creative Leadership
A revolutionary business programme, the MA in Creative Leadership is a collaborative project designed by specialists form a range of backgrounds. Senior faculty members from business, management, humanities, arts and social sciences have all had a voice in its development. As such, this is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary endeavour that cultivates a holistic view of management and leadership responsibilities.


Backed by such a diverse set of disciplines, the Creative Leadership programme is as relevant to the business community as it is to non-profits and NGOs. The curriculum is divided into five phases and is coupled with intensive group sessions. As expected, applicants come from a wide array of backgrounds.


This is a part-time programme that does not require full-time residency in London. Five weeklong group workshops form the backbone, and students are engaged by distance learning modules in between these. Simulations, debates, field trips, observational learning and scenario planning are part of the formula. These complemented by unexpected (but highly instructional) techniques. For example, applied theatre, psychology and design coursework are interspersed.


Master of Arts in Global Management with pathways

This program is underpinned by an emphasis on leadership and responsible management, and it prepares students to become global managers, world leaders and responsible citizens. Professional development is achieved through a range of elective offerings as well as the following four globally focused and contemporary pathways: People Management & Leadership, Marketing & Communications, Finance & Business Development and Family Business.


Classroom instruction is complemented by work placements, giving students the chance to develop practical business skills in a real-world context. Furthermore, business simulation experiences allow students to implement the skills and tools they have acquired through international management consulting competitions and other activities.

Student life at Regent's College London

Pic: Student life at Regent's University London.

Student life
The fact that Regent’s has such a strong international showing of students stems from the fact that the school is well-accustomed to helping new arrivals adjust and get integrated. Regularly planned social activities offer ample opportunity to get involved, and the campus is outfitted with restaurants, cafés and sporting facilities. Student accommodation is available, and staff can assist in setting up provisions for healthcare.


And campus facilities aside, this is London, one of the world’s leading hubs of business and finance. Simply living and studying in this city creates spectacular opportunities to network and launch new entrepreneurial initiatives. Indeed, a master’s in business from London has profound international reach.


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