At a seaside city Qingdao, in northeast China, female beachgoers wear colourful, full-faced masks to protect their skin from getting a tan, while enjoying themselves at the beach.

Most of them also match their Facekinis with full-body swimming suits to ensure that they are protected from UV rays.

Called the ‘Facekini’, the mask covers the swimmer’s entire head and neck down to her collarbones, and has holes for her eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Though it makes its wearer look like a ‘Luchadora wrestler’ or ‘bankrobber’, the mask helps its wearer keep her skin fair.

In Chinese culture, fair skin is considered a sign of beauty.

Tan skin also indicates that the person is of a ‘lower class’ or a peasant who work on farms.

What do you think of Facekini: ridiculous or useful?

[via CNNGo]
TAXI Daily News

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