The Australian Department of Climate Change has virtually declared that the Prime Minister, and Minister for Climate Change are liars.

In a submission they have chosen to publish on their website, a range of lies and misrepresentations by Mr Rudd and Ms Wong are pointed out. The submission continues:

“All of which begs the question: why are the Prime Minister and the Minister for Climate Change telling big fat porkies about Australia’s position on carbon emissions? One strong possibility is that the regular facts are not strong enough. The other one is that they are very badly informed. Either possibility should be a major concern to you.”

ShadowLands spokes-object, Margo’s Maid said it was a breath of fresh air to see the Department finally talking sense.

“Full credit to the Department for finally having the balls to acknowledge that they are better off not taking any of this Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme bullshit too seriously,” MM said.

“Thanks to the diligent staff of the Department who, in my experience, are unfailingly helpful once you start cc-ing the Ombudsman.”

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