Employees sometimes aren’t productive at work—but what’s causing the wasted time? Facebook, Twitter and Draw Something?

Social performance management company Rypple has created an infographic that looks at the reasons behind the time wasted by employees.

The infographic, titled ‘How Are People Wasting Time At Work?’, states that 36% of the time wasted is spent trying to contact people, find information and schedule meetings.

According to Rypple, to fix this problem a cloud-based unified communications platform could be set up—to recover up to 75% of all the time wasted.

This would result in less-overworked staff, gained productivity, and reduced email hassles.

In that case, does it mean Facebook, Twitter, and Draw Something doesn’t add to time-wastage?

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Mashable]
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