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Scanomat has created an all-in-one automatic coffee machine that dispenses coffee through a faucet/tap.

Called the ‘Top Brewer’, the coffee machine lets users order drinks using its in-counter touchscreen, or via an app on using iPhone or iPad—much like ‘Textspresso’.

After ordering, the machine dispenses a hot or cold drink through the faucet, from under the counter, in 15 seconds.

The Top Brewer is able to control the bean grinder, tamper pressure, pump pressure, and water temperature—up to the precision of an actual barista.

Users can choose from a variety of coffee beverages, such as Americanos, Cappucinos, Macchiatos and Lattes.

If you don’t feel like having coffee, the faucet coffee machine also dispenses hot chocolate, tea and milk.

[via The Awesomer]
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