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US-based company Vapotrim has created an dessert-flavored e-cigarette-like inhaler, for those who want to taste their desserts without gaining weight.

The ‘Vaportrim’ is a diet-aid, that uses the technology of an e-cigarette and takes advantage of the taste-smell connection.

When you inhale it, it convinces you that you’ve eaten it—as your sense of smell actually triggers feelings of fullness before your stomach does.

According to Vaportrim, the product enhances smell and taste, so you feel full faster—which makes you eat less and lose weight.

After inhaling, you exhale water vapour—like eating dessert, without the calories that come with it.

Vaportrim comes in 14 flavors—such as, vanilla cupcake, blueberry muffin, raspberry cheesecake, caramel frappe, cinnamon bun, maple pancakes, and apple pie—at US$ 9.95 each.

Emily McCombs, managing editor of xoJane.com, gives a demo on the product below:

[via Incredible Things]
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