A three-minute, edited video of the North Korean singing contest was posted on Youku, a Chinese video hosting service. It is believed that a Chinese net user had edited video clips from North Korean Central TV that airs a singing contest taking place in across North Korea. In the video, a 20-year-old North Korean college girl sings a North Korean “revolutionary” song, the song lauding its communist regime.

South Korean business newspaper Money Today, quoted [ko] Daily NK’s earlier report on the singing contest. According to the Daily NK, an online newspaper focusing on issues relating to North Korea, the contest is a nation-wide contest open to all North Koreans except people from bad family background, such as political dissidents.

Ordinarily, the winner is awarded a television and second winner gets an accordion, the third a guitar. But the report added that since it takes about four to five months to get to the final round of the competition and the bribe works when it is hard to judge who is a clearly better singer, amateur singers from poor families choose not to apply in the first place.

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