Single officers employed in China’s SWAT Team are far too busy apprehending dangerous criminals, deploying emergency tactics and undergoing rigorous training to scour the landscape in search of potential mates.

In an effort to ameliorate this rather lonely situation, Beijing’s police chief has established a matchmaking service for unmarried SWAT team officers who are too involved in their jobs to meet partners.

Many people meet potential dates in the office. In a days’ work, it is unlikely that any SWAT team officer will ever meet someone he or she would even want to see again, much less date.

Pic: Weird Asia News

It is a simple service; there are no elaborate offices, perfunctory meetings or advertisements. Outside the police station, posters are hung with the photos of the 54 male and female officers that comprise the special forces known as SWAT along with catalogs listing their likes and dislikes.

” …About 5,000 people visited the police station when we launched the service, so it has already been a big success,” said a police spokesman.

There is one little issue left to consider.

If these officers are too busy to look for mates, they may be too absorbed in their work to find the time to date and/or maintain the rigors of a relationship, which requires its own brand of SWAT training and attention!

Hopefully, the initials will change from SWAT to SWAK for these brave, hard-working, special force police officers.


Weird Asia News

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