Minamisanriku town is submerged after Friday's strong earthquake-triggered tsunami in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan. Pic: AP.

(UPDATED, March 17) Many folks worldwide are constantly looking for accurate information on what has happened since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan last March 11.

Here are essential links to get you started:

Information Portals

Person and Family Finders

How to send donations

Japanese Government Agencies

International Agencies



English-Language Japanese News and Media Outlets

Japanese-Language News from Japan

Livestream and live webcams of Japanese TV News

Foreign News Covering Japan

Information for Foreigners in Japan

Philippine official agencies on disaster and natural events

Filipinos in Japan; The Philippines and Japan

For Filipinos with relatives in Japan

If you wish to add a link, please write it down as a comment below and we would check.

Thanks and good wishes to the great people of Japan.

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