Chinasmack is one of the most interesting websites going around. It offers a window into the Chinese psyche that we rarely otherwise get to see by translating weird and wonderful Chinese websites into English.

Unfortunately, if you want to find out more, you’ll have to wait some time, as Chinasmack is currently down following a denial of service attack. (See UPDATE.) The reason for the attack is believed to be this item (available for a limited time only on Google cache), collecting Chinese reactions to the Japanese earthquake.

Clearly there are some very distasteful opinions circulating in China about the Japanese, even in its hour of need – but to be fair, it would not be hard to find off-colour comments about most subjects on western websites like YouTube. (In fact, there’s an example of it right here via Tim Blair.)

In case the Google Cache disappears forever, here are a selection of the translated comments:

Because its Japan. I’m so happy

Japanese people are so blessed!!!

Good!! Excellent…

I wish the best to every single kind-hearted Japanese citizen, but I like to watch the ugly behaviour of Japanese politicians (may those beasts quickly die off).

The people of Sichuan send their congratulations!

Hope the broadcasting of anime won’t stop [be interrupted by the earthquake].

Good that they died, best if all of them died.

Why wasn’t it a 20 or more [on the Richter scale] earthquake? My heavens, the earthquake was too small, no fun.

But then there were also these:

The entire world will look at the reaction of Chinese people, can you please not make us lose face? Don’t forget that only yesterday Yunnan had an earthquake, do you want to completely lose face for Chinese people?

I don’t want to be like the mental retards on 2chan Futaba channel. The Japanese government has its faults, but the people are innocent. I hope they can recover quickly just like China.

First, we should wish the best for the Japanese people! Second, we should learn from the Japanese government, for being able to organize and train the Japanese people to be so cool-headed and well-trained. Third, reflect upon Chinese people’s foolish conceit and despicable narrow-mindedness.

An excellent article from Foreign Policy magazine here, by the way, expands on the subject of the Chinese reaction to the earthquake.

UPDATE: Chinasmack is back with a new story “Chinese netizens Admire Japanese Post-Earthquake Behavior” complete with a link to the story that got them in hot water.

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