This October is quite meaningful for me.

  • Screenshots will migrate to an international platform. The regular URL will point to another destination and function whereas the alternative URL will have a new role. It’s a new experimentation in my Internet journey. Suspense for now.

  • I will start a weekly Sunday column in Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the Penang-based top-selling Chinese newspaper with the highest readership in Northern Peninsular. This is also my first attempt at writing a regular column with a rusty command of Chinese, trying to connect with my core constituents over local and national issues.

  • I will revive the Ferryman ( 摆渡人 ) Chinese blog once the weekly Sunday column kicks in.

  • I had started a fortnightly Malay political column in Era Pakatan alongside my two comrades from PAS and PKR. It caters to a national audience to entrench our reach among the key clusters of supporters. The latest topic was to debunk the myth about Najibnomics.

  • I will facilitate a team of Penang State Exco members to network with the green technology industry and sectoral investors and financiers from Korea, and to learn and familiarise ourselves with the integrated solid waste management solutions practised there. This is the positive outcome of my self-funded visit to Seoul in August, precisely for the same purpose.

  • In conjunction with the trip to Seoul with the Excos, I will adjourn to a self-funded study tour of the no-tax, no-visa Cheju Island to learn how it is being positioned as a centre of IT/BT innovations for Korea, besides being the vibrant all-season destination for medical and eco-tourism.

  • I will perform another national duty for the Penang state to spearhead further development of the telecommunications and multimedia sector as a prime catalyst for growth towards an international-class city. This will certainly eat into my quality time with the family.

  • I will have the opportunity to witness and debate in Budget 2010 as a legislator when Parliament sessions resume October 19. Have been spending lots of time researching for my talking points lately.

  • I will continue to help in the Bagan Pinang campaign and, despite all odds, I earnestly hope to see an upset that gives victory to the underdog.

All in all, I pray that I will gain His compassion in guiding me to success, and keep me healthy and on-target while I try to perform my duties the best I could.

Gain some, lose some…

Regrettably, due to the hectic schedule, I had to skip the return visit to Jakarta for the Pesta Blogger Indonesia 2009.

Nevertheless, sampaikanlah salam ku, Indonesia.

Oh yes… I hope to upgrade my trusty Nikon D300 to D300s through a trade-in. It will continue to be my resident camera for long zoom, but it now comes with HD video recording. Launched in Amsterdam in late July, I was told auto-focus has improved tremendously.