With its main campus situated not far from Seattle, in Redmond, Washington, DigiPen Institute of Technology is rapidly becoming a world-renowned leader in education and research in computer interactive technologies. Originally a US operation, DigiPen has recently opened new campuses in Singapore and Bilbao (Spain) to become a truly global operation.

All three campuses offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that equip students with everything they need to succeed in the game design industry, while existing professionals can hone their skills with DigiPen’s continuing education programs. 

With its main campus in the same town as the headquarters of Microsoft, you can be assured that DigiPen is at the very heart of the computer industry. DigiPen is dedicated to fostering academic growth and inspiring creativity in all its students. It has already developed a formidable reputation in the industry, with graduates such as Kim Swift, famous for developing the award-winning game, ‘Portal’. DigiPen’s degree programs are all offered on-site and in person to provide students with an optimal level of instruction, support, and collaboration.

The emphasis is on developing foundational skills and knowledge rather than on any particular software packages or tools. Many of the projects mimic team-oriented workplace environments and require the students to work collaboratively. DigiPen faculty come from a broad range of professional and educational backgrounds with experience in academia; game and animation industries; electrical and computer engineering; and the fine arts. A qualification from DigiPen is not just rated highly by employers, but also by the Princeton Review which ranks it among the very top video game design programs in the United States. 

Some of the degree courses on offer at all three campuses include Bachelor of Science in Game Design, Bachelor of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. All courses focus strongly on both the scientific and artistic aspects of game design.

While DigiPen has always been a popular choice for Asian students looking to break into the game design industry at the highest level, the opening of the Singapore campus has opened up a wealth of opportunity for would-be game designers in the region. This year it began a collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Technology with the Digipen Bachelor of the Arts & Science program.

DigiPen’s programs are renowned for being demanding but rewarding. Hard work and commitment is expected but staff support is excellent and students are encouraged to work together to succeed. In fact, senior students produce an unofficial DigiPen Survival Guide to help new students. The end result for those who succeed is one of the most respected qualifications in the industry.

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