My thoughts on the Chunma International Studies Program
y Xuan Pham, University of Nebraska, Omaha

This is the start of my third week in Korea and I am having a wonderful time. All of the people I have met have been more than kind. They have made me feel so at home and loved. I want to thank everyone in this program because they really have been my family during this stay.

I feel so blessed to have this chance to come here and meet great people. The lifestyle and food of Korea are awesome! I learnt so much about the culture and language just by going out and hanging with friends. I can say that drinking here is taken very seriously. I was never an alcoholic until now! I love all the activities that we do, even the lack of sleep … I love it all!!

This experience has been so amazing. I’m so grateful to be here and to have such great mentors and friends. I think everyone needs to experience something like this. It is life changing in so many ways. What makes Korea beautiful is the balance between the old and the new.

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