Yeungnam University is a major educational hub in South Korea. Its main campus is in the city of Gyeongsan (a major college town), with satellites in nearby Daegu. More than 25,000 students are enrolled here, accounting for more than one out of five university students in Gyeongsan. 

Beyond its academic offerings, YU is also well-known for the Yeungnam University Museum, which explores the cultures of ancient Korea. Its folklore park and garden, complete with seven traditional houses, is as much a draw for tourists as for students and their families. 

Yeungnam University as it exists today was founded in 1967, but it was actually formed by merging two slightly older universities: Daegu College (1947) and Chunggu College (1950). Within two years, construction began on the main campus and rapid expansion set in. 

In the 1970s, several new courses of study were added to the group of charter programs. These programs were unveiled on the new campus in Gyeongsan, while established programs continued to migrate in. By the early 1980s, all of the activities at Yeungnam University centered on the brand-new campus. Facilities and programs have continued to expand into the 21st century, and the university’s administration has gone out of its way to build reciprocal networks with regional universities in other countries.

Student Life
The first student housing at Yeungnam University opened in 1973, and a dynamic student culture quickly evolved. There are six residence halls today housing roughly 1,200 students. Those living in the dorms have access to state-of-the-art fitness and recreation centers, along with convenience stores and study areas.  

Students can get involved on campus in a variety of ways. The Yeungnam Observer English-language tabloid and Yengdae Shinmun newspaper are written by students and have been in publication since the 1960s. Festivals like Foundation Day and the folk-centric Cherry Blossom Festival highlight the annual activities calendar and present outstanding opportunities for students to get involved. 

Academic Programs
When Yeungnam University opened its doors in 1967, six major courses of study were offered: engineering, economics, pharmacy, evening programs and liberal arts. In all, there were 12 graduate departments and three times as many undergraduate programs. 

Today’s list of academic offerings is much longer. Yeungnam University has become especially well-known for programs related to business and international trade. Beyond this, the South Korean government has heavily promoted science-related fields since the 1990s, and as a result the university has some of the best engineering courses and chemistry labs in the country. 

International Programs
Another element of life at Yeungnam University is its distinct international atmosphere. An International Programs Office has been set up and tied into universities around the world. The office organizes international networks, seminars and exchange programs. Underlying all of the international offerings at Yeungnam University is a desire to capitalize on the networks of knowledge and expertise that exist in a globalized community. 

A main objective of the International Programs Office is to attract foreign scholars to come to YU and perform research. Opposite this, students are also encouraged to go abroad through reciprocal programs that let them build a more dynamic worldview while furthering their education. Finally, an increasing number of international students are seeking degrees at Yeungnam University – especially at the graduate level. 

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