You have the welcoming party, with people lining the street as seen from this photo (no doubt chosen because of the cute girl). This Panthip thread also has photos of red shirt convoys entering Bangkok and being greeted along the way on the outskirts of Bangkok – you need to scroll down to get the Bangkok photos.

Thai Rath has some photos of red shirts at the rally site and also travelling to Bangkok. Prachatai also has a wide range of photos here – notice this photo in particular where the vehicle has a number on it (this is likely to help coordinate the petrol money and compensation of using the vehicle payments, ie. one needs a system to keep a track on vehicles etc). From TV feeds yesterday, also saw other cars with numbers written on it, but don’t know how widespread this is.

The Nation’s State has some photos here from the rally site. Newley has photos here. Daylife has AP and Getty images here. Prachatai has a wide range of photos here with a particular focus on red shirt signs.

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