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A father has been sentenced to prison and registration as a sex offender for repeatedly sexually molesting his daughter over a four-year period beginning in elementary school and continuing into middle school.

The Busan District Court sentenced 38-year old Mr. C, who was arrested on charges of violating the laws on sex crimes and the protection of victims, to two years in prison and registration with the police for five years.

The judge announced, “through her second year of middle school Mr. C forcibly and repeatedly molested his daughter, and the punishment must correspond to the incurable wounds inflicted by this crime against humanity.”

But, the judge explained, “in consideration that the prisoner has finally expressed deep remorse, and has no prior convictions and his wife has withdrawn her complaint, the sentence shall be lightened.”

Mr. C was arrested in October of last year for repeatedly molesting his daughter, by forcing her take off her clothes so her could grope her, beginning in April of 2004, when she was in the fourth grade of elementary school.

So apparently a crime against humanity can merit a light sentence as long as it’s your first one. At least the judge didn’t let him off completely so he could continue to care for the poor girl.

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