The former manager who released a sex tape of himself and singer Baek Ji-yeong in 2001 has reportedly been thrown into the clink in the United States after years of living on the lam. Keep in mind that my brain was feeling pretty fried as I translated this and while I caught a couple goofs in proofreading there may be a couple more.

The man who released the sex tape of singer Baek Ji-yeong has finally been revealed. A representative who lives in Los Angeles announced, “two years ago when she was living in LA, Baek Ji-yeong was again hurt by the Mr. Kim who caused her videotape scandal and this is being talked about in the community of overseas Koreans. It is clear that Mr. Kim has personally injured her. The hurt caused by this video now is even worse now than it was at the time.” The course of events in the overseas community was like this. In 2006 Baek was surprised to see Kim at a performance. After the show she went with her friends to a coffeeshop, where she received an unexpected phone call. Kim had been asking around about her and managed to find her through the phone. Baek answered the phone and had a short conversation with him after which he became enraged. They had a serious argument over the phone and friends had to restrain him. At the time Baek did not reveal what their conversation had been about. She said she just wanted to forget about what he did to her and appeared to have been greatly hurt. The representative said, “Baek was so upset that she left the group of friends she had been sitting with. It was a loud argument so the overseas community was abuzz about it. It was quite regrettable.” In 2006, the year of the incident, Baek released the video for her angry song “I Won’t Love” (사랑 안해) which was about the 2001 video scandal. Just as the nightmare had been erased from the world’s memory, Baek is undergoing a fresh torment owing to Kim. At the time Baek resolutely faced the scandal and returned to Korea to perform, though the distress among her friends was great. Everyone is now talking about the fact that Kim has been arrested in the United States after a long evasion. As the scandal spread in 2001 Kim was requested to appear before investigators several times but he maintained that “the truth is clear” and went into hiding. Kim has been imprisoned in Los Angeles on unrelated charges. Prosecutors in Seoul have requested the United States Department of Justice to extradite him. It has not yet been decided whether that will happen. Baek’s agency has said that it cannot comment at this time.

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