Sportainment, part of the Sports Seoul, fills us in on one program in Japan which came up with a clever way to draw views and scam the government out of a few yen. Follow this link to see possibly not safe for work pictures, one of which is pretty hilarious.

“News made with naked bodies! Exciting, no?”

On the 22nd in Tokyo a hot (?) news program was recorded. It was “Naked Sign Language News.” Female anchors proud of their sexy bodies report so-called sexy news — without wearing a single stitch of clothing on their attractive bodies. Here at home, too, if it were broadcast men would probably tune in droves. Also, the Japanese government was embarassed when it aided the program’s producer, Paradise TV, with 400,000 yen subsidy for including a 5-minute sign language segment. But Paradise TV still plans to continue the stripper news, showing its tough spirit.

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