First, it was Suthep saying after some of the initial reports there were attempts to discredit Thailand – since then the stories have increased with additional information and accounts. Then, a Senator accusing the BBC of fabricating news. Now, in response to the CNN story and video, Daily Mail has this quote:

The army colonel at the centre of the abuse allegations has denied any wrongdoing, saying the migrants were given food and water and helped on their way after Thai villagers repaired their boats.

Manat Kongpan denied any wrongdoing and questioned the veracity of the CNN report and the pictures.

He said: ‘It looks like there might be on-going efforts to discredit Thailand,

BP: Is the new catch-all phrase. If there is any bad news, it is part of a (Thaksin-orchestrated conspiracy) to discredit Thailand. However, you can’t just go repeating this in every instance forever.