Col Manas Kongpan is the regional commander of the Internal Security Operations Command.

He was one of three officers blamed by a Thai court for a massacre of Muslims five years ago. Now he is being accused of ordering more than 1,000 Rohingya boat people fleeing Burma to be set adrift at sea over the past two months.
He insists this is not true, and that although the boat people are not allowed into Thailand, their boats are repaired and they are given food and water before being sent out of Thai waters.

This is contradicted by testimony from a number of Rohingya survivors, who have spoken of being detained and beaten on an island by the Thai military, before being towed out to sea and abandoned on boats with no engines.

But Col Manas dismisses such accounts, saying they had never been confirmed.
They all come from journalists who have problems with Thailand and just want to slander us,” he said.

He argued that no other country treated asylum-seekers as humanely as Thailand, and that if any proof of ill-treatment were presented to him, he would resign.
BP: No other country treated asylum-seekers as humanely as Thailand? Why not just say Thailand has an overall good record of dealing with refugees? The foreign journalist bogeyman strikes its ugly head again.