Matichon quotes Kasit as stating that he met with the British Ambassador about Abhisit’s trip to the UK on March 12-14 for the G20 Summit. Kasit still believes that the UK will take action against Giles who fled to the UK escape lese majeste charges and is involved in a movement in the UK to overthrow Thai democracy and change Thailand to be a republic. As UK is a friend of Thai, he says it will consider the actions of Giles and the same with the movements of Thaksin. He is confident that all countries will cooperate with Thailand.

BP: BP would put the chances of the UK deporting Giles at about 0.001%. Kasit either knows this and is spinning or he is clueless about the UK political scene. It was doubtful that the UK can even extradite him given dual criminality laws (doesn’t really constitute sedition given there is an actual republican movement in the UK) and other problems associated with any extradition to Thailand.

Is Giles getting to some people?

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