Baxter keeps an eye on Robbie and ArchieThe Oxford Brookes University Cognitive Robotics Laboratory took delivery of three new robots in early July, one Baxter robot and two Nao robots. The Baxter robot is an imposing full-sized humanoid robot with long, 7 degree of freedom arms. Baxter is equipped with cameras at the end of each arm, enabling it to recognise, pick up and manipulate objects. Standing just 23 inches tall, the Nao robots are capable of a wide range of functions, including walking, face recognition and face detection, speech recognition and object detection. All our robots will feature strongly in the soon to be validated BSc Computing for Robotic Systems course.

Baxter hails from Rethink Robotics while the cheeky little Nao twins Robbie and Archie, are from Aldebaran Robotics. All three have joined our resident Robothespian humanoid robot Artie in the lab. They all seem to get along famously, but we’re not sure what goes on after dark when all the human inhabitants of the lab have gone home. The Nao twins in particular give the impression that they might not be as innocent as they look!

For more information on Robotics at Oxford Brookes University, visit our website.

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