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McDonald’s in Japan has said it is toughening checks on chicken from China and Thailand following a sharp drop in sales after a Chinese supplier was accused of selling expired chicken.

From today, the Japan unit of the U.S. fast food chain is also selling ‘Shinjo Tofu Nuggets’ in a bid to revive sales and offer a non-chicken alternative to worried customers. These nuggets contain some fish and vegetables, but the main ingredient is tofu.

The U.S. fast-food chain’s Japan unit on Tuesday withdrew this year’s earnings and sales forecasts, citing uncertainties from the food scandal.

It promised to disclose information online about where its food comes from.

It said it will strengthen safety checks on suppliers it’s still using in China, for apple pie, muffins and cookies, as well as its Thai chicken supplier.

Such checks will be extended to food items in Japan, the company said.

The Chinese food safety agency is investigating allegations Shanghai Husi Food Co., a McDonald’s supplier, sold expired meat. McDonald’s Japan has stopped using chicken from Husi.

Additional reporting from Associated Press

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