Rescue workers survey the wreckage of TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 on the Taiwanese island of Penghu Thursday. Pic: AP.

At least 47 people died Wednesday evening after a plane crashed in Taiwan while attempting to make an emergency landing, the Central News Agency reported.

TransAsia Airways flight GE222 had 58 people on board when it crashed into houses near Magong airport in the county of Penghu. Eleven people survived the crash

The report cites the Civil Aviation Administration as saying the flight crashed Wednesday with 54 passengers and four flight crew.

The initial death toll was given as 51, but was later revised down to 47.

The report says the plane likely crashed when an attempt to make an emergency landing in the city of Magong.

The plane, which went down in bad weather, had been earlier delayed from departing the southwestern city of Kaohsiung as Typhoon Matmo pounded the area.

Additional reporting from Associated Press

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