Japanese farmer Masami Yoshizawa, second right, shows a black bull with speckles to the media as police officers block him from leading the bull off a truck he drove from Fukushima, northeastern Japan, in front of Agriculture Ministry in Tokyo Friday. Pic: AP.

TOKYO (AP) — A pair of Japanese farmers whose livelihoods were wrecked by the 2011 nuclear disaster have staged a protest at Tokyo’s agriculture ministry, scuffling briefly with police as they unsuccessfully tried to unload a bull from a truck.

Masami Yoshizawa and fellow farmer Naoto Matsumura have remained at their farms seeking to care for their own and others’ abandoned livestock in areas where access has been restricted due to radiation fears since the March 2011 meltdowns at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant.

The two farmers drove from Fukushima on Friday, along with a black bull in the back of a truck, to appeal for help with the livestock, some of which have developed unexplained white spots on their hides.

Police blocked the farmers from leading the bull off the truck.

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