The Bangkok Post:

The digital TV channel owned by the Shinawatra family may be seeing a light at the end of tunnel after the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) said it could be allowed to broadcast again once the general political situation stabilises.

Voice TV is likely to be allowed to broadcast again now that it has submitted a revised programming schedule and proposed content that contains nothing related to the political conflict,” said Col Pirat Banjongkhien, director of the Royal Thai Armed Forces’ Military Technology Center and who is in charge of media supervision for the junta.

It is the only one among 24 digital channels to remain suspended since the May 22 coup.

Before the suspension, the channel was accused of favouring the red shirts and being a tool used to provoke political conflict.

The NCPO said the ban on TV channels took into consideration content, particularly political content, that might foster social division and state disharmony and did not look at the stakeholders involved.

Presently, a large number of media outlets remain blocked including Voice TV, 13 politically focused satellite TV channels such as ASTV, Blue Sky and Asia and about 6,000 community radio stations.

The 13 political channels have appealed to the NCPO to be allowed to resume broadcasting with a revised programming schedule.

BP: There is a person who is in charge of media supervision for the junta? Yes, that is the world we live in now. The terrestrial TV channels are not only not questioning the junta, but seem to have decided their role is reporting favorable news about the junta (when not airing interviews with the Ministry of Public Health over the dangers of consuming too much news). How long can this continue? You can’t just put a lid on a boiling pot of water and hope that will solve the problem…

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